Pemba Tshering Sherpa is the founder of Endless Outdoor Adventure. We are very proud of our in-heritence from our traditional approach of trekking and mountaineering outdoor of the himalayas led by our founder and our own father Pemba Tshering Sherpa.

ENDLESS OUTDOOR ADVENTURE (EOA) is a family based outdoor adventure company located in Kathmandu Nepal. Endless Outdoor Adventure has been serving the Himalayan tourism industry for more than 3 decades. We offer the  most excellent and exciting adventure programs to all the visitors who come to discover the outdoor beauty  of the Himalayas of Nepal. We expertise in the management of all the activities in outdoor adventure of Nepal from Trekking, Expedition, Peak Climbing, Hiking, Jungle Safari, Running, Rafting, Mountain-Biking, Paragliding, Canoeing etc.

Pemba Tshering Sherpa is the founder of Endless Outdoor Adventure. We are very proud of our in-heritence from our traditional approach of trekking and mountaineering outdoor of the himalayas led by our founder and our own father Pemba Tshering Sherpa.

Pemba Tshering Sherpa was born during the 50′s in the beautiful valley of Khumbu region of Nepal. His father and our grandfather Ten Chewang was the very influential person who got him into the business of mountains and trekking. Ten Chewang who was born to walk and lived to walk was the mail messenger who walked days and nights for weeks from the Everest base-camp to get the very important message of the successful first Ascent of Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa down to the city  post for the news to be flourished into the world. later in the year he passed away  but his simplistic legacy into this remarkable achievement of mankind in the history of Mt. Everest is still carried on within our family.

Pemba Tshering started his carrier as a mountaineering Sherpa during the end of 60′s and the beginning of 70s and became part of the history making popular expeditions like the first person to Ski-down Everest with Japanese ski expedition team lead by  Yuichiro Miura in 1970. The documented ski expedition “The man who skied down Everest” won the Academy award for the best foreign documentary later in 1975. Soon after that he helped guide the major trekking for Miura and his family treks in Khumbu region. Meanwhile, his technical skill in mountaineering and the professional climbing certificate earned from uncle Tenzing Norgay Sherpas(the first person to summit Everest with sir Edmund Hillary) mountaineering school in Darjeeling, India kept him ahead of  as a technical climbing Sherpa. He adventured through many expeditions during the mid 70s leading different nationalities to the mountains of Nepal. In 1977 Autumn he led an expedition as a sirdar (lead Sherpa) for the  joint international expedition of a famous climbers who have remarkable achievement in the field of mountaineering. Prof. Peter Habeler (Austria),  Reinhold Messner (Italy) and Michael Capitan (USA) for the joint international expedition to Mt.Dhaulagiri.This expedition was a very difficult one and important to route the dangerous unclimbed south face route of Mt.dhaulagiri. He has a lot of story to tell when it comes to this joint expeditions venturing through the untouched and un routed  part of the Himalayan terrains of  Mt. Dhaulagiri region.

He says ” time has changed everything in these places today, the trekking terrains are made comforting lodges around, when we were there in those time frame, everything was forested and we had to make our own route through it to reach the Base Camp of Dhaulagiri before targeting to make the routes for the mountain itself. I wonder about our time of expeditions management,  looking today with everything so organized taking a leadership role wouldn’t be that tough”.

The south face attempt for Mt. Dhaulagiri went unsuccessful due to treacherous route of the mountain and the high risk of Avalanche. However, the spirit of friendship remained between Pemba Tshering and the climbers for years ahead. Soon after the Dhaulagiri expedition in Spring 1978, Peter Habeler and Reinhold Messner return back to Nepal with a mission to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen supply. The mission which was once thought impossible was made possible by these two climbers on may 8, 1978 and became the first person to Summit Everest without oxygen supply. Reinhold Messner came back on 1984 once again to complete the unfinished mission in 1977 to climb Mt. Dhaulagiri south face but remained unsuccessful again. Reinhold then finally decided to climb the normal north ridge in 1985 and succeeded.

Beside Peter Habeler and Reinhold MessnerPemba led  Spanish Basque expedition in 1980 as a chief sherpa (Sirdar), he was successfully in crowning the Spanish expedition into the summit of Mt. Everest and Martin Zabaleta became the first Spanish Basque person to step on the summit of Mt. Everest on may 14, 1980.

With the leadership of Pemba Tshering and his expertise in the mountains of Nepal since more than 3 decades. Today we are proud to bring you the Endless Outdoor Adventure (EOA) to the different parts of world.

Endless Outdoor Adventure has certain goals to achieve. The main goal is to provide the best quality service to all the guest that we have inherited from our ancestors and make their journey warm and memorable. However, we must care about the environment, its surrounding inhabitants and the culture of the Himalayan people so our treks are designed Eco and culture friendly.

If you chose to travel with us for your next vacation we will assure you the best service that we have rendered through more than 3 decades of our experience in the business. Currently we offer our service for activities in Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan and we hope to add up more destination in the future as we go.

Managing Director

Pasang Doma Sherpa is the Managing director of Endless Outdoor Adventure.  Pasang Doma who is the oldest daughter of Pemba Tshering Sherpa. Her sophisticated grasp on even the most theoretical aspects of Himalayan outdoor adventure adds up as the pivotal role in the leadership of the company. She has been involved in every aspect of tourism for more than half of her life. Her versatile character and willingness to learn has kept her successful in obtaining her proficiency in  Spanish Language through Lacunza International Langugae School in Spain and a Tourism Management from ESERP business School of Spain.

Even in the typical Nepal and Sherpa culture where the feminism is still dominant by the male she feels that female are capable of doing every field of work in the Himalayan tourism industry. Therefore, despite just official leadership she has lead many treks and also successfully summited Island Peak (Imtzase) in 2005.

International Executive Manager

Ang Pemba is the International executive manager and the lead multimedia communication in charge of Endless Outdoor Adventure. He has a wide range of experience from outdoor/travel management and production to multimedia. He is passionate towards the nature,outdoor and the endurance sports. He is a photographer/climber/backpacker/ and running enthusiast. Ang Pemba started his carrier early from working in the domestic airlines of Nepal to working as a trekking guide leading clients all the way from Eastern region (Everest) to Western region (Mustang) of Nepal. He is also currently working as a buyer at Next Adventure a local outdoor adventure retail store located in Portland, OR.  Over the past decade, he has bagged his knowledge from tourism and outdoor to video production and multimedia. He studied Tourism and Hotel Management as a 2 year exchange student program in Zillertaller Tourismusschule, Tirol, Austria. Beside tourism background Pemba has earned a degree for film studies and communication at Portland State University and the NW Film institute in Portland, OR. He is Wilderness First aid certified and CPR certified and a guide certified from Nepal.

Environmental and cultural manager

Born in Namche, as the youngest daughter of Pemba Tshering Sherpa Pasang Lhamu is a nature lover, growing amidst the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas and also living in Kathmandu surrounded by beautiful hills and rich heritages, Pasang has a strong passion for tourism. She strongly believes in sustainable tourism and hence with this love for tourism she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management. Pasang first trekked to Everest base camp when she was 15 and her love for travel and adventure has ever since only increased . She has trekked to many parts of Nepal , and still feels there is always something more to discover. Pasang has a long experience of working in travel and tourism sector in Nepal from a travel agent and a tour leader to sales manager. Pasang who also has an MBA degree from the University of Sunderland (UK) strongly believes that the best practice in tourism management is applying sustainable tourism approach. You will often hear her saying ”Sustainable tourism is the only way that we and our future generations can enjoy all the beauty and adventures the nature has to offer” hence that is the main reason she believes in endless outdoor adventure as the hub for core context of sustainable and ethical tourism.

Sports advocate

Tashi Sherpa is the oldest son of Pemba Tshering Sherpa. He grew up in Namche Bazar, and attended Khumjung secondary high school funded by Late Sir Edmund Hillary in Nepal.  After high school, Tashi moved to United States of America to further pursue his study and graduated with a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Business from San Jose State University.

Tashi Sherpa currently resides in the Bay Area, California and is the director of assets management at Fleet Feet Sports.  Tashi is very active in sports.  His passion of volleyball has continued from the foot hills of Himalayas in Nepal to low land of California.  Tashi is a current member of CBVA (California Beach Volleyball Association) where he competes in local and out of State volleyball tournaments.  He earned his AA rating in Beach Volleyball in 2011, and continues to finish strong in many of the out of State tournaments.  He is also a member of NCGA (Northern California Golf Association) where he competes in local tournaments and events. He runs regularly with the run groups that is organized by his work and is looking  forward to organize high altitude trail runs in different parts of Nepal.

Tashi believes that a sport is not only healthy, but it is one of the best ways to connect with people. “Over the years I have been very fortunate to meet many good people through sports including my wife, and I want to continue to connect and build healthy relationships with people across the world.”

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